Jessa Duggar Celebrates Birthday By Baiting Mom-Shamers

In the eyes of many of her Instagram followers, Jessa Duggar can do no right.

Jessa gets mom-shamed pretty much every time she posts anything about her family, but to her credit, it seems she’s not letting it get her down.


Jessa Duggar, Child


Despite the heckling hordes, Jessa continues to post as often as ever, even when she seems fully aware that her content is likely to outrage the haters.

Jessa celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday, and it seems she went all out … by Duggar standards, of course.

Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, attended a small, sober gathering of family and friends, and afterward, she posted some pics of her sons on the ride home.


Go Team!!


That may not seem like a very big deal, but we can’t overstate the extent to which trolls scrutinize every pic of Jessa’s kids in search of reasons to get angry.

The above photo shows Jessa’s 3-year-old son Spurgeon amusing himself with some power windows.

“He loves to operate the windows,” Jessa wrote.


Spurgeon In the Car


This pic shows 1-year-old Henry looking like he knocked back a few too many juice boxes.

“Partied out,” Jessa captioned the pic.

Again, this may not seem like a big deal, but given the uproar surrounding past claims of Jessa endangering her kids’ lives, we think it’s safe to say she knew what she was doing by posting pics of them in the car, safely buckled in.


Henry and Spurge


Jessa also posted this pic, captioned, “Checking the sports stats.”

This one may be a subtle way of addressing two separate controversies:

For one thing, fans have been critical of Jessa’s homeschooling practices.

Basically, they don’t think she does any homeschooling at all.


Jessa Duggar, Crazy-Eyes


On top of that, much has been said about the younger generation of Duggars allowing their children to enjoy secular forms of entertainment, a big no-no in Jim Bob and Michelle’s book.

So unless these two are reading Bible verses on that tablet, Jessa just basically confirmed that she’s joined the rebellion against Jim Bob.

Or maybe we’re just reading way too much into simple pics of her kids.