Man Plus His Wolfdog Loki Goes On Spectacular Journeys

One of the more spectacular locations on this planet lies within the United States.


I am referring to the rocky mountain state of Colorado. The panoramas are truly extraordinary, the evening sky is simply unhampered and clear, also the air you breathe is literally cleaner compared to numerous locations in America. When it comes to various discussions, there actually is no preferable location when it comes to a part wolf dog like Loki. His owner records a few of the more spectacular instances regarding their journeys with each other, and you do in no way want to skip it.

Kelly Lund Loki’s dad feels that the happiness which grows through a wholesome bond along with one’s pets is actually very tough to explain and that it really can not be put in words. He made a decision to share that passion a person experiences with the pictures he captures about his journeys together with Loki. Lund believes that “dogs aren’t intended to live out their lives in a back yard or inside a home, and that is simply the reason why he will never leave Loki behind.

Scroll down to look at Loki’s journeys with several of the more beautiful locations you’ve ever viewed.

Can you believe this amazing view
Loki kissing his daddy Kelly
Sunning myself at the campsite
Loki enjoys being held by his dad Kelly
Sleepy time after a hard days adventure
Loki asking Kelly for a treat
What a glorious night sky
Loki takes a picture with his little friend
Loki overlooking natures beauty

Photo’s by Kelly Lund


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