Hey, what’s up chaps? We are gonna start a set sequence announced fundamentals of dog training and I hope you guys enjoy alright people, so the first step in our dog teaching is Made to ensure that we bill our markers with what I symbolize by that is letting the dog know when he’s gonna get rewarded So in this case, we’re gonna use the word. Yes when we say the word. Yes we are gonna produce a compensation it could either be kibble, you see here in my hand or it could be a tug have one back here and So mostly as soon as I say the word, yes, that’s gonna produce the compensation Why is that important? It is important because that is gonna let the dog know exactly what he did that is gonna get him paid So, for example, I’m gonna I’m gonna break Benny from his home right now.

So if I croak, okay, and if I go Benny place Yes, he knows that he’s gonna get reinforced he can come off of his locate sit Yes, alright, so we’re gonna start from the beginning plaza and How we accuse this marker? alright So the first step is to make sure that you have a dog that is interested in you so we want a puppy that is very Invested and wants to work for you so who is able to educate the behaviours if you go outside and you’re trying to teach the dog to sit down come whatever you’re trying to coach them and Instead he’s sniffing looking at other dogs or whatever he’s doing it’s gonna be very difficult so we have to make sure that the dog is invested in us and he wants to work for us so in At this detail I’m gonna display you how “were starting to” that So what you do is you’re gonna grab your dog come out set a leash on your pup simply because Okay, and I’m gonna remove this situate out of the way So if I have a dog say that sniffing like how he is right now He’s going around as soon as he concentrates on me, and he looks at me.


I’m gonna mark the yes, and I’m gonna bribe him Three sections of the kibble and I’ll standing still he’s looking at me. Yes, I pay again, plainly You know, we’ve done some grooming with this guy so he knows the programme But we will take out other puppies, or we can show you Yes So here he’s invested in me.

He wants to he wants to work Yes He’s being very focused on me. And that’s what you want from a hound All title So I’m gonna take out a puppy Next so you guys to see the the process with the dog that has no training. I have done no rehearsal with his pup We just got him in from Costa Rica and he’s a German Shepherd puppy. So we’ll create him out and establish you guys the process Alright people, so this is my young pup, I just got him in from Costa Rica his word is hustle and We’re gonna show you guys a little bit about that engagement thing that we talked about again “Its for” dogs that are a little more food caused or you are familiar with, some pups are not treat motivated So you got to find other lanes that they are gonna find pride in whatever you give them tug Praise whatever it is in this case We’re apply menu simply to show you guys the process, so I haven’t done any sessions with him more He just got in a marry days ago So he as you can see, he’s already a extremely focused little pup, but you know So I’m gonna show you guys and again, we’re charging the marker as I vanish.

So I’m gonna charge the yes marker at the same time that I’m build action. All freedom. Yes So he doesn’t even know what yes necessitates, but I’m gonna produce a remuneration He looks at me yes Then I produced a wage I can even manufacture him shoot it a little bit standstill Yes, he looks at me I mark and I feed Yes, you got to make sure that you captivate the right moment as soon as you say he looks at you Yes In this one, I’m gonna give them three plows So you kind of you could jackpot make sure that you give them more than one Yes, and you’ll see that there’ll be a lot more respectful rather than you really leaving one part of food You impart three cases of nutrient. Yes, and then you’ll see how the dog becomes a lot more engaged than you Yes so the reason why I applied him on rein is Just so if he was interested in a lot of other things I could stop him I’m not gonna correct them and I’m gonna stop him Yes All title, yes All claim guys, so the reason why I’m exerting food to me It’s just the easiest thing to use when working because I can limit their food a little bit.

Yes. I could feed them Through training and develop that alliance that engagement. Yes But you can see this little guy previously picking it up, all right Yes, delightful friend good son Yes, and then you really intent your session done yeah boy good boy That’s a good All right, chaps So simply a little recap on this video that we shot Is is how to create engagement and blame your yes marker at the same time again? So the yes marker means you are gonna produce a compensation so the dog looks at you you say the word Yes You reach into your pockets and you can give them one section two patch three articles of meat Or if your dog is in food caused, what you do is you’ll lead.


Yes, and you’ll bring out the tugboat Give your dog the tug and play play play play out You can give him another burn or you could put it away He remains concentrating on you. Yes, generating it out and again you are just Making sure that your dog is invested in you he wants to work for you instead of being into all these other things So I know it’s gonna be questions. What if your pup isn’t food caused what if your dog isn’t ugh caused? Well, you can create you can create that incitement you could produce it up by either cutting their meat a little bit and maybe instead of feeding them in a bowl you feed them out of your hand create that engagement with you or You could even you are familiar with, if your puppy you require your dog to be a little more tug motivated What you could do is you could attach it to a rein where he has to chase it playing with them remember? It’s about the game Not definitely the tugboat So how some bird-dogs you know? Like like to pull on the tug you got to see what your dog likes every dog is different So if that’s for you to find out and there are some videos out there of other coaches Ivan Balaban of Michael Ellis Those are tutors that I look up to again I hope you guys enjoyed this if you guys have any questions, feel free to email us leave criticisms Make sure you subscribe you know Zeke is gonna be out here and cause them know that you’re interested in some more dog civilize videos and we’ll time what We can I have I have a lot planned for you guys Shaping how to teach your dog to go to the bunked how to walk next to you Echoes, so if you guys are interested, make sure you tell Zeke know in the comments.

Hope you guys have a good one You.