Bretagne Celebrates 16 Birthday Last Remaining 9/11 Rescue Dog



Friday is the 14th Commemoration of 9/11


Friday is the 14th commemoration of 9/11, also who might fail to remember precisely where they were that dreadful day when the Twin Towers burned, numerous lives were lost plus the history related to the United States permanently changed? That day, Bretagne, a golden retriever made the scene in New York City, on her initial search and rescue mission, in order to assist with the recovery attempts, and currently 14 years afterwards, Bretagne rejoices in her 16th special day.

Bretagne along with her owner, Denise Corliss, came in from Texas being part of Task Force 1 on 9/11 along with more than 100 search and rescue dogs, that fearlessly aided to locate casualties swallowed amidst the mass of rubble. Following came the dog’s service when she aided regarding rescue operations throughout Hurricane Katrina’s terrible aftermath. And even though Bretagne delights in her retired life plus a multitude of accounts regarding her numerous experiences and lives she has helped to save, who wouldn’t enjoy the brighter moments of birthday celebration in their honor?




And then entered BarkPost, who teamed along with 1 Hotel Central Park and brought the pair to New York City, in which the party kicked off along with room service as well as those tasty hamburgers. Next off came the Manhattan outing, along with a “Happy Birthday to Bretagne” message showing up in Times Square. Over at the Hudson River Park, the special birthday pooch was presented with a “Bone to the Dog Park” and also back inside the hotel came the dog playthings and of course, the birthday cake. At the conclusion of the special event, Bretagne and Denise were presented with a cobblestone in the 9/11 Exhibition along with a $1,000 contribution in Bretagne’s recognition to Texas Task Force 1.

Happy birthday to Bretagne as well as thank you and Denise regarding your service.