Hands on: OnePlus Watch review

The OnePlus Watch is the long-rumored smartwatch that isn’t just real – it’s a polished wearable that looks like it could rank up with the top smartwatches of the day.

‘Look’ being the operative word – for this hands-on with the smartwatch, we’ll only be talking about the smartwatch’s appearance. 

The OnePlus Watch looks similar to other top-line smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, with a circular design and two function buttons on the right side. The stainless steel metal watch body has a glossy finish, which is actually a nice change from the matte finishes and/or colored aluminum that festoon most of today’s watches. 

It’s also a pretty hefty smartwatch, with a 46mm width and density that makes it too far on the large side for anyone with slimmer wrists or who prefers smaller watch faces. But the wearable will suit those who like their watches dense, with a design and material finish that felt more polished than your average smart device.

The rubber-like watch band is a nice material with rivulets running down the sides, a nice touch compared to the flat wristbands in other smartphones, though its thickness can mean some skin pinching when tucking the band back under itself until you’ve worn it in. 

In summary, the watch looks higher quality than other smartwatches at its price, which is easily half that of comparable Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy Watches. 

As to how its fitness, performance, battery, software, and overall user experience chalks up to every other smartphone out there – you’ll just have to wait along with us until our full review goes live.

OnePlus Watch

(Image credit: Future)

OnePlus Watch price and release date

The OnePlus Watch will come in one size and configuration: 46mm watch face with 1GB RAM and 4GB storage, and a single color: Midnight Black. It will go on sale on the OnePlus website on April 14 for $159 (around £115 / AU$208). 

There is also a Cobalt Limited Edition in the works, which swaps out the stainless steel case for a cobalt alloy that’s “twice as hard and more corrosion-resistant” than steel, per a March press release

The usual watch face has been swapped for specially-treated sapphire glass with “a Mohs rating of 9,” per the press release, suggesting a greater scratch resistance and brightness than the glass on the standard model. OnePlus hasn’t announced a price or release date for this version.

OnePlus Watch

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Design and display

As previously mentioned, the OnePlus Watch is indeed a very attractive smartwatch with a polished sheen and streamlined design that make it look pricier than it is. It comes in one size, which looks a bit too large for those who may want a smaller model, but has the polish to appeal beyond the tech-chic crowd.

The 46mm watch face is larger than even the larger 45mm version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, making it the new king of Big Smartwatches. While it lacks the rotating bezel of the latter, the OnePlus Watch certainly looks like it has more screen area than Samsung’s flagship watch, but we’ll have to test the watch to find out.

The rubber-like watch band feels thick, but at least it isn’t flimsy, and feels secure enough on the wrist to counter the watch’s hefty weight. 

Other features

We are unable to report on the OnePlus Watch’s fitness capabilities until the time of our full review.

OnePlus has confirmed the watch will have over 110 workout types and automatic workout detection for jogging and running, with 5ATM pressure resistance and IP68 water and dust resistance. 

It tracks heart rate, distance via GPS, calories, swimming speed, blood oxygen saturation, and stress levels. Health info can be tracked through a new OnePlus Health smartphone app.

OnePlus Watch

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The watch has 4GB of onboard storage, of which 2GB is available for media. It’s compatible with most Bluetooth earbuds, and can connect to the OnePlus TV to act as a smart remote and can even turn the television off when it detects the wearer has fallen asleep.

According to a March press release, the watch has a 402mAh battery, which OnePlus claims gives up to two weeks of sustained use or, for more active users, a one-week battery life. 

This capacity sits between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s 340mAh battery (for two to three days of battery life) and the original Samsung Galaxy Watch’s 472mAh battery (for up to five days of battery life). 

Early verdict

Based on the physical appearance and being unable to report on any other part of the user experience, the OnePlus watch is very attractive for a smartwatch.