Loud Cell Phone Talkers Beware

Watch Who Gets The Last Laugh

Nearly all of us have certain things that get on our nerves. We are all aware of that. Call it what you may but a pretty good definition would be pet peeves. We can talk at length at what annoys us weather it be slurping soup, cracking gum or whatever. However the fact is plain and simple there are annoyances that get under our skin.

Individuals who talk too loudly on their cell phones in public might just be the one that triggers a reaction in us. Watch the lady in the video respond to this exact incident and what she does when she gets fed up and can’t take it anymore.

This lady goes ballistic on the cell phone talker. Sometimes you might happen to be in a situation just like this. Viewing what went on I would have to give the women a big round of applause. This video triggered a reaction in me because I did not realized this particular type of occurrence bothered me as much.

You be the judge To see how you would react to a situation like this.


Who’s laughing now

OMG Sweet Revenge She Got What She Deserved

Posted by Video Antics on Monday, October 19, 2015